Spiders, Bugs and Snakes.

The Sunshine Coast is home to many bugs and wildlife.
With its beautiful National Parks and sub-tropical climate its no wonder they want to live here too! Here we attempt to dispel some of the myths and legends of the insects and wildlife you may encounter on your trip to Southern Queensland :-
Please note this is only a guide - If you are unsure ALWAYS seek URGENT medical attention by dialling 000 immediately.
Lets start with our 8 legged friends...
Red Back Spider
This chap can give you a nasty bite. There is an anti-venom and if bitten seek medical attention immediately. The last reported death by Red Back bite was 1956, so don’t panic, but phone the doctors or get to hospital ASAP.
Huntsman Spider
Despite the size of these 8 legged friends (can be up to 45mm in diameter) they are timid and move sideways at lightning speed if disturbed. They can deliver a nasty bite but are more scared of us than we are of them. May cause mild illness but venom is considered non toxic.


Black House Spider
Found in crevices of walls and places like loose tree bark. May cause mild illness.
Daddy Long Legs
The legs will probably scare you more than anything else! Probably too small to cause any problems to humans and will run away quickly thanks to the long legs!
Gold Orb Weaver
Non aggressive and generally runs to the top of the web when disturbed. Not considered very toxic.
Mouse Spider
This is an aggressive looking chunky spider. Although its venom can cause serious harm in humans reports of biting are very rare.
Wolf Spider
This little beauty may be found in bark of trees and possibly eaves or roof spaces. Can deliver a painful bite but are shy and will run given the chance.
The Snake Catchers advise DON’T PANIC. Keep pets and people well away from the snake and if you require snake re- location do not attempt to move on your own.Call the numbers above for your local snake catcher. If you can identify the snake with a picture it is helpful but DO NOT put yourself or any one else at danger by doing so.
Here is a list of snake catchers (24 Hr) on Sunshine Coast:

    NAME                  PHONE                                   AREA
Mathew +61 (0)449 033382 All Sunshine Coast
John +61 (0)404 076711 Yandina to Gympie Including Noosa

Most common...
Snakes encountered in Sunshine coast region.
Eastern Brown snake: Highly venomous.
Red-bellied Black Snake: Highly Venomous.
Coastal Carpet Python: Non Venomous.
                                         Common Tree Snake Non Venomous.
                                         White Crowned Snake: Weakly venomous.
                                         Yellow faced Whip Snake: Highly Dangerous (children especially vulnerable).