Sue Broughton - Casa di Natura

It was lovely meeting Sue from Casa di Natura and enjoying the beautiful surroundings of her day spa. Sue loves the Sunshine Coast and is as passionate about her environment as she is helping, healing and connecting with people.

1. What made you decide to move to the Sunshine Coast?
We love the hinterland area of the Sunshine Coast spending lots of romantic weekends there.  When we were in a position to buy an investment property with the potential to turn it into a home one day, we found Casa Di Natura, House of Nature on 8 acres at Flaxton.  It gives us close access to the Coast especially Maroochydore and other great places, when we want a change of scenery.

2. What is your favourite time of year on the Sunshine Coast ?
Winter, closely followed by Spring.

3. Tell us your perfect day spent on Sunshine Coast.
Wake up and have a swim and sauna.  Have breakfast overlooking nature.  Take a drive and a stroll looking at shops.  Have the 10 course degustation meal at Spicers Clovelly's Restaurant.  Then have a 1.5hr massage followed by a snooze in the shade in a hammock.  Lastly, a lovely home cooked meal by my husband ... his speciality ... quails in wine sauce with sage!!!  A perfect day.

4. Is there a special place you have found here that you would share with us?
There are lots of places on the Sunshine Coast.  Being gourmet foodies, we love a good meal. we are partial to the food at Spicers Clovelly Restaurant ... great chef ... and also a lazy Sunday lunch at Flame Hill Winery.
5. For people who have never visited the area - what are your top tips of things to do?
Naturally it would be to come to the Day Spa Centre to chill and totally relax.  Take a walk throughout some of the great parks on the coast or the hinterland.  The dining, the scenery and the people really make a place special ... and the Sunshine Coast has all of these things.

6. Can you sum up the Sunshine Coast in less than 10 words?
Simply natural ... simply devine ... simply relaxing ... simply the best!!!

7. Apart from the Sunshine Coast what part of the world has inspired you?
Kenya definitely has.  A collision of extremes ... the best and worst in people happen here.

8. What is your thought for the day?
My thought of the day ... you are never too old to feel like a girl again.  I was reminded yesterday of a very lovely 70+ client totally enjoying the magnesium pool, spa and sauna.  The glow and grin on her face was like she had just run away from school and ended up in paradise and couldn't believe her eyes.  I'll remember her smile and eyes for quite a while.  Pure joy, it was.