Top 10 Surf Breaks



Noosa Rivermouth / Noosa Heads
Excellent peaks left and right, Noosa Rivermouth is one of the best variable surf spots on the Sunshine Coast. Works best with a south to south east swell with offshore south to south west winds.
The Island / Old Women Island
Arguably the best wave on the Sunshine Coast, The Island offers superlative breaks both sides of the Old Woman Island. The "lefts" work well in northerly conditions combined with a southerly ground swell.
Cheese Factory / Mooloolaba
Not for the faint hearted in peak conditions, the Cheese Factory provides unbelievably sucky lefts and rights. Although protected by Point Cartwright from most swells, it can produce exciting waves when tide, wind and swell combine perfectly.
Double Island Point / Noosa Northshore
In a heavy easterly groundswell, Double Island point produces beautiful long waves. Ideal for longboards.
Sunshine Corner / Sunshine Beach
Protected from the north by the Noosa Headland, Sunshine Corner provides some epic surf. Best with east to south easterly swell complemented by north west offshore winds.
Granite / Noosa Heads
If steep takeoffs and heavy bottom turns are favoured, then Granite is the place to power!
Boiling Pot / Noosa Heads
The Boiling Pot is a classic "down the line" break offering long rides with fast sections through to Johnson's. Perhaps the classic spot when the cyclone season offers epic swell.
Shellys / Caloundra
Just round the corner from Moffatt, Shellys offers a variety of breaks but once again very dependent on tide, wind and correct swell direction. Its location, away from the main thoroughfare, means it often gets overlooked.
The Reef / Caloundra
The Reef can offer some exciting waves when conditions are just right. A strong groundswell with minimal winds will produce epic surf.
Happys / Caloundra
The last spot to sample in the Caloundra area is Happy Valley or Happys as it is commonly known. This full wave is another favourite with the longboards with friendly but intense competition for the long lefts that extend into Pumicestone Passage.